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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Courgettes for tea

Courgettes are in season now, and there seems to be a lot of them flooding in from the allotments of colleagues at work (one of the bought in a courgette cake he made yesterday based on this recipie - it was yum).
I happily took a free courgette, and combined it with two of my own to make a huge amount of stuffed courgette for dinner.
First you have to boil the courgettes for 4 minutes - then scoop out the flesh and fry it along with onion, mushroom and garlic.
add some breadcrumbs, feta cheese, an egg, fresh mint and tarragon and mix it all together.
fill scooped out courettes with you mixture and bake them in the over for 15 minutes at 200oC
we had ours with bugar wheat and salad - there was way too much.

the recipie I used, I modified it slightly.

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