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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whitby weekend part 2

After getting up early to go surfing we went to Scarborough on the Sunday afternoon. The sun was shinning for a change and it was crammed. We couldn't find anywhere to park near where we wanted to surf so decided to have some lunch and a mooch around the town and wait for some parking spaces to free up.
From experience vegetarianism is not well supported up North; we ended up going to Ask, the chain-restaurant and ordering one of two veggie pizzas on the menu.

We walked down a little street just of the front to get there. Past these massive murals - the work of 4 (I think...) artists over 7 days.

Giving up on Scarborough altogether we headed to Cayton bay where I beach combed for glass that had been rounded off by the tides.

My haul filled both my jacket pockets.

Whitby weekend part 1.

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